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Head over to my Ravelry Projects Page and check it out! I finished the tote the day before yesterday and then felted it the first time that evening. I wasn't terribly keen on the way it came out...the stitches were still too individual.

Last night it was felted again, and it looks great! The picture looks a little blurry, but it's really not! That's the variegated color showing against one another.

I'm going to set up an image account on flickr or photobucket or something, so that way folks don't have to constantly go to another site away from DW just to see my stuff. Probably going with flickr since I've heard better things about it than about photobucket.

Will try to post some new things on the Etsy Store soon too. I need to purchase an ironing board, some pins, and an iron so I can block everything and make it look sharper.

Goodnight all!
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Today in crochet class I finished the felted tote bag crochet part. Now I just have to felt it. In making this bag I learned:

  • How to make the bottom of a bag without stitching it together
  • How to make a hdc (half double crochet)
  • How to change yarn colors
  • How to decrease stitches (to make a triangular flap for the tote)

Growing by leaps and bounds!

Once the bag has been felted I will post a final picture of it. The last thing I need to find for it is a snap for the closure. I have a nice brightly colored button to put on it as well. Hoping to do the felting in the next couple of days.
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I've come down with something achy and annoying. Started with a sore throat earlier and progressed to muscle aches and some pressure in my head. Skipped my crochet class tonight so I can hibernate with a book and then work on my project and recover.

The bag is coming along nicely and I found a knitting spool to make the strap! It's going to be just loverly.

Later everyone. Have a great night.


Oct. 24th, 2011 05:14 pm
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Good evening, friends.
I'm taking a class in which we are creating felted tote bags. It's going to be lovely when it's finished, I just know it. I will post an in-progress picture at the end of this post.

I've decided to test some felting ideas with Red Heart Super Saver yarn. It's 100% wool as far as I can tell from the packaging, so it should felt nicely. The yarn I'm using for the tote bag is from Michael's and is by Patons, created specifically for felting projects.

The plan is to make several small rectangles out of the Red Heart yarn with various hook sizes and stitch sizes. I am using the G, I, and M hooks and single, half-double, and double crochet. So I will end up with 9 swatches in the end.

Some of them are going to be felted by hand in the kitchen sink with dish soap, since I don't own a washing machine in which to do it properly. I've been told it is possible to felt this way, however it is time-consuming, so I go into it knowing this.

The rest of the swatches will be thrown in with the next load of towels or jeans which go to the laundromat. The idea is to see how things turn out, and take detailed notes for future reference. The tote bag will go in the washing machine properly since I'm spending so much time creating it.

I figure if I can felt small things like pouches and such at home that would be convenient even if a little time-consuming. Larger projects will go in a washer.

I have added some items to the shop, and I have plans to create some nice, but affordable business cards. I would like this to be more than just a hobby. I'd like to turn it into a crafty, crafty enterprise. It takes a lot of work though, but I know this, and I don't mind.

In the works also is a plan to contact the folks who facilitate the Farmers Markets in the summer. If I have enough products to make it worth it, I may set up shop there a few times and see how things sell.

After the felting experiments, I would like to work on adding a line of laptop cases and tote bags to my inventory! Have a great evening, and I'll talk to you all later. It's time for me to head off now.

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